Where the really juicy stuff is

You might notice that I don’t update this blog particularly often. That’s because this is more of a portfolio site that uses blogging software than a blog per se. If you want the juicy stuff, then pop along to Strange Attractor, my blog about social media, which I now write with my partner, Kevin Anderson. And if you want to read more about me, then my personal blog is called Chocolate and Vodka*, after my two most favourite foodstuffs. That’s if vodka can be called a foodstuff, of course.

Here on Blogiculum Vitae, you’ll find articles I’ve written, information about my work, my clients, and a bit more about me. For a full CV, see LinkedIn.

* 8 Nov 07: I’ve just moved Chocolate and Vodka on to a new server, and a new installation of WordPress. It looks a bit ugly at the moment, and sadly some of the formatting’s been lost along with commenters’ names, but all the content’s there!

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