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Social technology — the tools, networks and features that allow people to interact socially online — has revolutionised the way that we work, communicate with friends and family, and construct our identity. Businesses, non-profits and individuals alike have found that social media is a powerful way to develop valuable relationships and reach new audiences.

But with great opportunity comes great risk. Companies that don't understand the affordances and cultures specific to each social tool, and who thus use them inappropriately, can find themselves at the centre of a firestorm and sustain substantial brand and financial damage. Equally, companies that shy away from social media risk losing out to their socially savvy competitors.

Social tools are also invaluable inside the enterprise, helping staff communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively. With many people feeling overwhelmed by email, social media can help your business slim down its email use and improve the way that people work together.

Technology never sleeps but, however fast the social landscape changes the underlying motivators that drive people to connect, communicate and collaborate do not change. Let Suw Charman-Anderson pilot you through the swift-moving waters of social media.

Suw Charman-Anderson