Workshop: Social Media Strategy

Suw presenting at RIBA2009

Suw presenting at RIBA2009, by EEPaul

Would you like to start using social media to connect with your customers, but don’t know which tools to use or what to say? Have you begun using social media, but aren’t seeing the response you were hoping for? Or do you need guidance on how to expand your use of social media?

Presented by one of the UK’s social media pioneers, this workshop will teach you how to build a robust social media strategy to support your business goals, and give you the tools and understanding you need to assess your progress and to review your strategy. You will complete the workshop understanding the key frameworks that underpin a successful strategy and how to apply them to your own business.

Over the course of one or two days you will learn how to:

  • Coordinate your social media work with your core business goals
  • Understand your audience and where they congregate online
  • Choose right social tools for your business
  • Effectively reach your customers through targeted messaging and calls to action
  • Review your progress and assess your success
  • Write a publishing schedule that makes the best of your existing assets and resources
  • Understand different social media metrics, and decide which provide actionable data
  • Prioritise outcomes and activities

Workshop includes

  • Social media audit: If you are already using social media, Suw will assess your usage and provide feedback on how to improve it.
  • Website audit: If you have a website or blog, Suw will assess how you can improve it, with a focus on how to integrate your social media accounts.
  • Slides and useful links.

The workshop can run over one or two days, depending on the complexity of your social media profile and how deeply you’d like to examine each topic. The optional social media audit is done off-site prior to the workshop and takes a day.

It is recommended that you include one person in the workshop whose responsibility is primarily to take notes of the discussions, decisions and actions points. If you require Suw to provide a note-taker and write up those notes into a report, it will increase the cost of the workshop.

Perfect For

  • Small and medium-sized businesses in any sector
  • Non-profits
  • Self-contained business units, eg imprints in larger publishing houses
  • Marketing & PR departments

If you’re interested in getting started with social media, or rebooting your current social media strategy, email me now