Want to kickstart your use of social media for marketing and outreach? Improve internal communications and collaboration? Or launch a community for your staff, customers or clients, or create a social app? Book me for a one or two day on-site workshop to get you up to speed and moving in the right direction.

Social Media Strategy

Learn how to build your own robust social media strategy to support your business goals, how to effectively reach your customers through targeted messaging, how to assess your success, and more. Details...

Social Media for Teams

Wikis, blogs and internal social networks are powerful tools for communication and collaboration within any business, no matter its size. Find out how to get the best out of your social tools, and reduce reliance on email.

Social Product Development

Find out how a specialist community could help your business build customer loyalty, or how to build social interactivity into your website or app. Learn too about prototyping, functional specs, user research and testing, and more.
To find out more about any of my workshops, please email me and we can set up a call to discuss your needs.