With a science background and 15 years of journalism experience, my analytical mindset lends itself well to research. Whether you want a white paper for publication or need research to underpin a business decision, I can provide reports drawing from both existing sources and original research. Here is a selection of my publicly available work.

Eyjafjallajökull Media Response

Chatham House’s 2012 report investigated the impact of the Eyjafjallajökull 2010 eruption and subsequent ash cloud. My contribution, Chapter 4: The Battle for the Airwaves, examined the media response to the disruption caused by the ash cloud, and was condensed from a 40 page report based on original research.

Preparing for High Impact, Low Probability Events: Lessons from Eyjafjallajökull

Social technology in civil society

In this 2010 report, written for Carnegie UK Trust, I combined extensive research and analysis of then current trends with a vision for the future that explores how developments in social technologies will shape the social web and society.

Making the Connection: The use of social technologies in civil society

Journalists’ Changing Roles

In this 2007 white paper, written for the Freedom of Expression Project, I examine how social media is changing the role of journalists, and how citizen journalism can help the mainstream media in its battle for readers' attention.

The Changing Role of Journalists in a World Where Everyone Can Publish

DRKW Case Study

Commissioned by wiki service provider SocialText in 2007, I examined how a large investment bank drove adoption of its internal wiki, a project in which I was also involved as a consultant.

DRKW Case Study

‘Dark Blogs’ Case Study

Based on extensive interviews with staff at a large pharma company, this case study explores the use of internal blogs to gather and disseminate competitive intelligence material. A truly pioneering study, it was published in June 2005.

Dark Blogs Case Study - A European Pharmaceutical Group
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