Kits and Mortar

Surprising though it may seem, it’s not often that I start a new blog these days. I still have a lot listed in Ecto – about 20 – but many of those were project blogs that I could probably delete. I really only write on Strange Attractor and Chocolate and Vodka with any regularity.

So I’m quite excited to have started a new blog – Kits and Mortar – about researching and designing an eco- and cat-friendly house. Kevin and I are collaborating on the project, as we try to figure out what building our own home would entail. Right now, we know really very little about self-building, or even about what we want or where we want it. We’re not entirely sure what “cat-friendly design” means either, although I suspect that it’s going to involve providing our future moggies with somewhere from where they can look down upon us.
Kits and Mortar really is going to be a voyage of discovery for us. If you’re into house building or cats (or both), please do pop over and have a look, or add our feed to your RSS reader.

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