Google Tech Talk – Scary Monsters: Does Social Software Have Fangs?

In June 2007, I was over in San Francisco, and Kevin Marks invited me to give a Google Tech Talk.

ABSTRACT: So we’re all agreed. Blogs: good; email: bad. Wikis: good; sending round attachments to a dozen people and then having to merge all the changes by hand afterwards: bad. But despite the labour-saving wonders of social software, many people – even those who otherwise pounce on every new technological innovation – prefer to stick with the old way of doing things. What’s stopping them from adopting blogs and wikis as a way of getting things done? It can’t be the tool, because the tools are easy. So what scary monsters are lurking in the social software closet, ready to leap out at the innocent project leader, fangs and claws to the fore?


And if you don’t want to watch the video, Steph Booth took notes.

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