Contact Me

If you'd like to get in touch with me about workshops, consulting, research or for any other reason, the easiest way to do so is to email me.

Working together

Please send me an email with as much information as possible about the project. What are your needs? Where are you? What is your approximate budget? What is your timeline? After we've had a bit of a chat by email, we can organise a phone call or a meeting to discuss in more depth.

Speaking and events

Please give me full details of your event when you get in touch. Where is it? When is it? Who else is speaking? What would you like me to speak about? How long will the slot be? Will you be paying for my travel, accommodation and a speakers' fee? A 'yes' to the latter will certainly help me prioritise my speaking schedule.


I'm always happy to do interviews, but it helps if you give me details of your story, a list of key question and, importantly your deadline. If it is urgent, please @suw me on Twitter or ping me in AIM using SuwCA. If I can't do the interview myself, I will always do my best to suggest someone who can.

Other ways to get in touch


I am @suw on Twitter, and always keep a weather eye on it when I am in the office. I've, predictably, got Twitter on all my mobile devices so regularly check it when I am out and about in the UK. If you want my immediate attention, Twitter is a good place to start.

Instant Messenger

I am SuwCA on AIM or on GTalk, and am on IM whenever I am in the office. I find instant messenger a great way to collaborate, as it's much faster than email and we can easily discuss your needs. Feel free to ping me on IM during office hours in the UK.

Skype or phone

If you want to talk to me over Skype or by phone, that can be arranged, so please get in touch with me via another method first. I only open Skype when I am scheduled to have a call, so messages sent to me there may go unseen for some time.
I'm based near London and, although I travel quite a bit I always have my Macbook and iPhone with me so am generally available. When I'm abroad my access to the internet can be patchy, but I will always endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can.