Les Blogs 2.0

December 5 06, 2005 Les Blogs 2.0 – at Negocia, 8 avenue de la Porte de Champerret, Paris, France

Don’t you feel the rules and our world are changing ? Don’t you feel changed by what many people call the Web 2.0 ? We believe as most of you that the way we work, the way we learn and teach, the way we interact with one another and more generally our expectations and relationships to other people, the institutions, the business world and politics are changing dramatically. It is not only about blogging, it’s about changing the way we think.

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  1. Are the rules changing or the way we see them that is evolving?

    I don’t think what we call Web2.0 is changing the rules. It’s just changing the way we see how web must be: more end user oriented, faster and easier to use.

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