Sorry Betsy!

Betsy’s despairing of my multiblogocity, so I thought I’d just explain wtf is going on here with yet another blog. is my repository for all things Suw. Here I am gathering all the stuff I’ve written that I’ve got in digital form, links to all my blogs and websites, explanations of what I do for a living, and all my webbie footprints. It’s sort of an extended portfolio if you like, my place where I can send prospective clients to find out all about me.

The blog here will be exclusively about work, so probably rarely updated and fairly boring unless you’re thinking of hiring me. Chocolate and Vodka, and Strange Attractor won’t change.

But Betsy’s got a good point. I’m starting to get into the ‘too many feeds’ category now, so I will spend some time with Feedburner to see if I can splice together all my feeds into one uberSuwfeed. Then you can pick and choose how you want to see all my stuff – as individual feeds, in one clump, or in one clump with photos. I’m all for choice, me.

Please, do bear with me as I build up this site to something worth having. I’m trying to write about what I do without sounding all wanky and full of shit, because talking in portfolio-speak really does not behoove a bloggess.

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  1. I don’t believe Feedburner offers a “bundled feed” service, since they haven’t figured out a way–or haven’t released the way–to legitimately claim you have copyright on the feed.

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