Well, here we are then!

Just like that, I got WordPress up and running. Yay! I say ‘I’ but inreality it was all pre-installed. I am very impressed by ukhost4u so far – damn fine service. Anyway, will be adding bits and pieces here as I go along and, hopefully, will make this less and less blog-like as I go along.

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  1. Good, Suw. As one who has it all together you are really getting it together!



    P.S. BTW, can you suggest a good Welsh-to-English translator a la Babelfish? 🙂

  2. There are no good Welsh-to-English machine translators. The only one that is around is an InterTran one, but it’s really bad. It translates the untranslatable particle ‘yn’ as ‘heartburn’ so it is more of a Welsh-to-Gobbledegook translator.

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